Community Projects

Foundations Montessori School students are active participants in and positive contributors to their community. The students’ community awareness begins in their family, their school, the local Ancaster Village and extends out to global community ventures. This holistic approach to community develops their world-view and nurtures their total development; social and emotional.

Foundations Montessori School loves their community. Here are some of the students community involvement:

  • Foundations Upper Elementary students are participating in an outdoor community project with First Nations elders learning about the medicinal properties of native plants and more. In the spirit of education, understanding and reconciliation with Indigenous communities, Foundations Montessori School has united with Hamilton’s Métis Women’s Circle, Ryerson United Church and Fieldcote Memorial Park and Museum. You can view the project as it continues to progress here.
  • Foundations students created gifts and sang songs to the elderly residents at Ryerson Homes for Remembrance Day (2019). Students continue to foster their relationship with their school neighbours and sent their hand-made cards of encouragement to the residents for Valentine’s Day (2021).
  • Our Foundations community collected clothing, personal items and school supplies for the victims of Hurricane Eta and flooding in Honduras (2020/2021).
  • Students initiated a bake sale fundraiser and raised $1,111.00 towards Shelter Them orphanage in Rwanda. Shelter Them brings widows and orphans together to live in family communities. The children are participating in a pen pal program with the children in the Shelter Them community (2019 –  current).
  • Students bring a gold coin donation on Free Dress Days to support causes close to their heart. Students raised $150 for the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary which is only walking distance from school (2019), and also $150 towards Triple C Farms’ animal therapy work with special needs children and adults in Ancaster.
  • The Foundations community donated $500 and school supplies to a small school whose building was damaged by a large earthquake in the remote village of Mengsit on the island of Lombok in Indonesia (2019). Miss Bennett using Foundation’s donations to help purchase furniture for the school below.

  • Foundations students made packed lunches each week for homeless people in need in Hamilton for Helping Hands local charity (2018).
  • Foundations families donate toys to the local Ancaster Ryerson United Church Christmas Toy Drive for families in need (ongoing).
  • Foundations classroom in its first year fundraised $100 towards Mr Sheldrick’s wells for clean drinking water Rotary project in Costa Rica (2017).

The Hamilton Spectator
February 12, 2018
The Art of Running a Montessori School


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