Hay Family enjoying Foundations Open House Day

Foundations Parent Community 





“We really appreciate the staff at Foundations Montessori School. Our son has been in such high spirits. It’s wonderful to see him happy about going to school, talking excitedly about what he’s learning, and feeling good about himself as a person. In these few short weeks we’ve seen a vast improvement in his self-esteem. It’s incredible. The changes in our son have been significant.” – Mrs Fletcher


Foundations Remote Learning Feedback

“Foundations provided us abundant support while kids were schooling from home! A weekly package of video lessons, worksheets, and links to interesting educational materials helped guide and keep my son busy. This was complemented with two weekly class and individual video calls to share, check in and connect with teachers and classmates. One of the big advantages of Foundations Montessori is the sense of community and that kept going even when the kids had to stay home.” – Mrs Rheaume


“I am very grateful to the principal and all the teachers of Foundations Montessori for their dedication and hard work during the COVID pandemic. I appreciate how fast they reacted just days before the government order – it made me feel safe that they put the well being of the children first – always. Foundations did a great job on online learning – my son participated in class circle time twice a week and have one on one time with teachers 3 times a week! teachers created personable videos that children could watch with ideas and challenges for them to do that were not overwhelming to the parents. And today teachers delivered ice cream to the students! While social distancing of course – it was so tough uhh and refreshing. I am really glad we are part of this community! Thank you again Foundations Family for a great year! You made it work during hard times of isolation!” – Mrs Zak


“Our family has been extremely happy in our first year at Foundations Montessori.  The exceptional staff have cultivated an environment of respect, curiosity, exploration and genuine learning.

During the pandemic, the educators at Foundations Montessori truly delivered.  As parents, it was critical that our children continue their educational growth and not become stagnant or regress.  From Day 1, the staff delivered weekly lesson plans in all facets of the curriculum. The work ranged from short video lessons, practical experiments, written work and more.  There was always a variety and quantity of materials to keep our children engaged.  In addition to weekly lesson plans, staff also facilitated Zoom and Facetime calls to connect and offer additional support.  This support continued the individual plan for each child that would normally be given in the classroom setting. The connection between our family and the Foundations staff deepened as we worked together to provide the best education possible considering the unique circumstances.  We are grateful for the time and care Foundations Montessori has given to our family during these challenging times and are excited to return to the school in the Fall.” – Mrs Sangha



Testimonial video from Foundations parent,  Kinga Zak

“We really appreciate that he learns everyday skills in the school
that he can actually use in his daily life. It improves his confidence
and self-reliance” – Kinga Zak

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