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We follow the Montessori method for elementary education.

Our Team

Our low student/staff ratios allow our staff to observe each child ‘s own individual development.


Miss Katy Bennett

Elementary Montessori Teacher

Miss Katy Bennett is a passionate and highly dedicated educator who has taught in different educational contexts in both Australia and Canada and has been teaching since 2005. Her strengths lie in curriculum enhancement and implementation, staff professional development, and teaching the Arts, Literacy, and Science. Katy Bennett holds a Bachelor of Education, OCT certification, and Lower and Upper Elementary Montessori certification from the Toronto Montessori Institute. Miss Bennett combines her experiences with different curriculum models to the likes of the PYP, Reggio Emilia, and curriculum models she has observed in International Schools abroad; coupled with her research in children’s brain development to naturally complement the enriching Montessori method. In order to set her students up for success, Katy uses proactive, solution-orientated, and optimistic teaching practices that ensure her students are motivated, inspired, and encouraged to take ownership of their learning.


Miss Louise Bennett

Elementary Montessori Teacher

Louise Bennett has a joy for teaching and learning alongside the children, taking cues from the students questioning to enhance their learning. Miss Bennett loves to ground the students in the sensorial concrete application of the Montessori materials to build their abstract understandings of complex concepts especially in Math and Language Arts. She simultaneously values introducing students to big picture ideas, stories of the world and connecting across subject areas to open enquiry into culture, geography, sciences, history and the arts. She believes the Montessori holistic pedagogy is a unique scientific and emotional social approach that truly meets each child where they’re at; nourishing the child’s reasoning mind and hunger for knowledge. Miss Bennett’s strengths lie in creating dynamic relatable learning experiences and classroom management. She views the classroom as a community for children to continually practice their cooperation, problem solving and decision making skills. She is currently undertaking her Montessori Elementary certification at The Prepared Montessorian (TPM), California. She recently completed the Orton-Gillingham Multi-Sensory Reading Remedy Program from the Dyslexic Resource Centre, Ancaster. Louise Bennett comes to Montessori teaching from a visual arts and not-for-profit sector background. Her previous careers were all connected by her interest in creative expression, authentic growth and positive community engagement. She has exhibited in many countries internationally and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts with Honours from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia. 


Miss Valerie Lesica

Elementary Montessori Teacher Assistant

Miss Valerie Lesica is a passionate and enthusiastic advocate for the Montessori method. Valerie believes in each child developing their greatest potential in their own unique way, in their own timing, with their own individualized plan. She particularly appreciates Montessori education for its focus on developing the whole child; including forming a strong character and self-help independence skills combined with its precise cognitive formation of all the classical subject matters. Valerie Lesica has her AMI Primary (Casa) qualification and has many years experience working with children of all ages in teaching and coaching roles, including over three years focusing on the Casa Montessori level. In her previous teaching work with Upper Elementary aged children she established and implemented a gym class program as well as an art and home economics program. Valerie believes in living a healthy lifestyle and for many years she taught gymnastics to children and youth of various ages. Valerie holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History, Multimedia and Fine Art. Valerie also gained a Diploma from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology with a focus on product development of soft goods, with her main focus on children’s clothing.


Madame Marsha Deschamps

French Teacher
Communication and Literacy Specialist

With the benefit of over 25 years’ experience as a Speech and Language Pathologist helping children be the best communicators they can be, and with training in the highly acclaimed Orton-Gillingham approach to remedial literacy instruction, Madame Deschamps provides direct services in the areas of language and literacy instruction.  Madame Deschamps incorporates the Orton-Gillingham method’s structured literacy approach, which she has found to be highly effective with both typical and dyslexic learners, into her literacy lessons, to create a learning progression tailored to each student’s unique strengths and needs. With a passion for the French language, Madame Deschamps also brings her knowledge of linguistics and communication competency, and a wealth of experience teaching diverse young learners to her French language instruction, providing differentiated learning through dynamic fun lessons within multi aged groupings.


Mrs Corrie Willard

Art Teacher

Mrs Willard holds over 15 years experience as an independent illustrator and visual artist. She has been teaching children art for over 15 years with a passion and focus on an equal balance between design and artistic technique, and each child’s individual creative expression. Mrs Willard enjoys incorporating other subject areas into her fun interactive practical art lessons; folding in explorations in botany, zoology, geography and art history. She is also an owner of and an artistic creator for the design store, Blythe House 1860. Here she creates one of a kind wooden toys and heritage décor through the use of natural materials to create durable, timeless and inspiring artistry. Here she designs, paints, embroiders, wood-carves, wood-burns, knits and crochets.


Miss Cheryl

Music Teacher

Miss Cheryl has taught music for over 20 years and is a highly passionate and motivated teacher who is an advocate for the impact learning music has on children’s self-esteem and self-expression. She believes that music is intrinsically complementary to math and literacy development, and finds theory equally as important as the practical application for students to learn the foundations of how music works. She encourages students to learn and participate in the international language of music to enhance their expression of life. Miss Cheryl has been studying music since childhood in particular vocals, piano and guitar from a young age and she continued to pick up more instruments along the way. Miss Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Music and Theatre. She is also certified in Orff 1 and Musikgarten music which is a combination of the Gordon Language and Musical Development, Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Miss Cheryl is a committed lifelong learner who continuously upgrades her skills to help her students grow.


Mrs Peggy Scott

LEGO Engineering Robotics Teacher

Mrs Scott has over 15 years experience as a FIRST LEGO League coach and mentor. She trains and inspires children of all ages to think outside the box in order to program and make their robots move and interact. She encourages her students to seek innovative solutions through experimentation trial and error processes with current technology. In 2020, Mrs Scott was delighted to win The Coach Mentor Award at the Ontario West FIRST LEGO League Provincial Championships. Mrs. Scott is also an OCT-certified teacher, previously teaching the elementary grades in French Immersion. She also enjoys her volunteer work with the Northern school boards where she has opportunity to work with indigenous communities.


Mrs Andrea Reid

Outdoor Education Teacher

Mrs Reid loves to enjoy and explore the natural world through the lens of curiosity and wonder. She enjoys facilitating student learning as they wonder, notice, and discover nature’s mysteries. Mrs Reid brings art, poetry, nature journaling, games, and literature into natural settings as mediums through which to express and experience nature. Mrs Reid undertook the outdoor education Project Wild Course, and holds both a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with Honors and a Bachelor of Primary Education. She is an OCT-certified teacher with additional qualification courses in Special Education and Instrumental Music.


Coach Jake Weston

Physical Education Teacher

Coach Jake provides students with the opportunity to participate in, and refine their skills in a variety of different sports including basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, golf and much more. He promotes physical literacy through fun, non-competitive skill building exercises and games. He is a passionate educator who focuses on ball sports, fitness, and problem solving through team building challenges. Coach Jake has experience working with, and has an enthusiasm for the Montessori method as he previously worked for 10 years as a certified Montessori Casa Teacher at Kew Park Montessori school in Toronto.

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